Biotechnology & Animal Health​


Formulation and production of high quality biotechnological tools.

Our division with an environmental conservation philosophy, pioneer in the research, development, and production of high quality biotechnological additives for the aquaculture, agricultural and industrial sectors.

Bacterial and enzymatic products for animal health.

Natural beneficial probiotics.

Food additives (growth and health enhancers).

Soil and water body bioremediation treatments.

Wastewater treatment plants.

Odor management in landfills.

Quality analysis of water.

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Our commitment to the sector, the country and the planet, forces us to continue developing capacities that allow us to accelerate the energy and ecological transition of aquaculture in Ecuador, towards a more sustainable, productive and profitable future. That is our vision of the aquaculture of the future.

¡We are proactive people who solve!

Patricio Salazar Benítez
President – Founder of GPS GROUP

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