Who we are:
We are a business ecosystem dedicated to designing and implementing integrated solutions and services focused on enhancing competitiveness and sustainability in Ecuador.
Our Team:
The needs of our clients and our commitment to the success of their projects have led us to build a highly technical, multidisciplinary team specialized in energy, automation, sustainable development and green financing.
High impact projects:
Investors, financial institutions, manufacturers and technology providers, today see in GPS Group, the best business platform in Ecuador with the capacity to generate projects with high economic, social and environmental impact.
Our higher purpose:
To substantially reduce the carbon footprint, mitigate the effects of climate change, improve the productivity and operational efficiency of our clients by making Ecuador a model of sustainable development and positioning our country's exportable supply in the world.


Since 2016, we have led the energy, technological and digital transition of the aquaculture and agricultural sectors in Ecuador; energizing the public-private articulation, as well as the commercial relations of each business line of the group with the main companies and actors of the market.


Our Values:

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We have built and will continue to build personal and corporate relationships within a framework of trust, seriousness and transparency; Think and act with INTEGRITY has consolidated and will continue to consolidate the trust of our business partners, clients, suppliers, partners and strategic allies.



When our clients entrust us with their vision and strategic objectives, they expect our MAXIMUM effort and efficiency; we have been able to achieve these goals because we think and act always towards EXCELLENCE.



We are pioneers and experts because we go further; we ensure the best execution because we think and act with PROACTIVITY, CREATIVITY, RESOURCES and URGENCY; our biggest competitor is time.



We do what we like the best and that is why we think and act with dedication, commitment and PASSION, passion to realize our clients' vision, for innovation, for results, for the well-being and development of our partners and for being part of a better Ecuador.



We have achieved and will continue to achieve realizing the vision of our clients because we put ourselves in their place, we listen carefully, we make the maximum effort to understand and adapt to the environment, always looking for the maximum EMPATHY and FLEXIBILITY.



Our greatest successes and learning have been achieved in TEAM, we plan and divide the tasks to multiply the result, and we do not seek to score individual goals but to win matches TOGETHER as TEAM.



We think and act based on a RESPECT culture, towards ourselves, others, laws, society and the environment.